Sustainability Starts Here

Big Sky is committed to protecting the environment in every way possible. We are a small business that depends on the stability of the environment to operate, and we are committed to protecting the environment so future generations can enjoy the great outdoors. 

Renting is sustainability in practice

One single item can be enjoyed by dozens of people, drastically reducing waste that will eventually end up in landfills. Big Sky only uses high quality and durable gear, meaning that our rental lifespans are longer and allow us to generate less waste. 

Rent-to-Own Program

If you decide you fall in love with a piece of gear, you can purchase it at a discount. Purchasing a previously used item is much better for the environment compared to purchasing a new item, and is a great way to lower your carbon footprint.

We use wind energy

We offset 100% of the energy used at our headquarters with wind energy. 

We recycle

We recycle all cardboard and paper waste generated at our headquarters. We use recycled paper for all of our print materials. 

No single-use plastics

We never use single-use plastics when shipping our gear.

Green cleaning products

We thoroughly clean and sanitize all gear between each use, and we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products that don’t harm the environment.