Our Story

Big Sky

Founders, Jay & Bob, established Big Sky after they had to turn a great trip down because of gear costs. 

Jay and Bob, working with experienced hunters and fishermen, were invited to join two senior executives on a week long fishing trip in Wyoming.

After the initial excitement of the prospect of spending quality time with two influential senior members at the company, the two realized, before any other costs of the trip were incurred, it’d be at least $2,500 in equipment costs alone. Eventually, due to the financial burden of the equipment, Jay and Bob regretfully turned down the trip.

The day the two of them were supposed to be on the trip, Jay walked into Bob’s office, and it was there that the idea of Big Sky was born. Why not rent equipment? Surely others would be yearning for high quality gear on a short term basis. Even more so, who would want to find room in their home for products, to only use them once a year at best? If it were made easy to rent high quality equipment at a moderate price, and have it arrive at the desired location, the whole dilemma would’ve been resolved.