Whitetail Hunting Gear List

 When November comes around most people think of Thanksgiving.  However, for most people here in the state of Pennsylvania, this is the month when hunting season is just getting good and is on the minds of all hunters.  Whether it be prime-time rut action for the last few days of archery or gearing up for the opener of rifle season, one thing is common amongst the two; hunting gear!


Most seasoned hunters have the necessities when it comes to getting in the whitetail woods, but for those just getting into hunting whitetails or starting out, there are a few items that can make the hunt more enjoyable. Also, for the hunters that only occasionally go out during the archery or rifle seasons or always wanted to try out the high end performance gear, there is a great alternative to purchasing every item you need.  Renting gear can be a huge advantage for you and an alternative worth considering.


November days can vary in temperature in Pennsylvania. It could feel like a warm early fall day or it could be snowing.  Depending on the gear you have, this will either make the hunt completely miserable or much more comfortable and enjoyable as you chase those big timber bucks. For example, if it is the opener of rifle season and the weather is predicted to be nasty cold,  you won’t last very long in the woods if you don’t own a piece of gear that will keep you warm or dry. However, going out to purchase all the necessary items might put a hole in your pocket.


This is where you can rent the Deer Hunting Package that will have you covered from head to toe and keep you pursuing the buck you’ve been chasing!  It is also at an affordable price.  This package will allow you to hunt all day comfortably and not have to worry about wearing the entire wardrobe to keep warm!


The following gear is included in the Deer Hunting Package:


Written by Jeremy Dinsmore of Antler Up Outdoors

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