Protecting Your Camping, Fishing, and Hunting Gear

We have gotten the question before of "how do I make sure my gear lasts a long time?" Well, our answer to that in short is, take care of it! There are different elixirs to making sure you get your money's worth out of what you buy, but in short, if you treat it right it'll last. Three easy things you can do to make sure it lasts are 1) Clean it after you use it...something as simple as a toothbrush, a little warm water and dish soap goes a long way in cleaning your used fishing rods or reels. Same goes for tents, pads, waders, etc. A little soap and warm water does the trick. 2) The next easy thing you can do is make sure to completely dry it. This is where a lot of the deterioration happens, someone cleans their gear then doesn't allow it to try, and sure enough you get mildew or cracked & expanded equipment. There's no replacement for allowing the gear time to breathe, letting that air flow over it and dry it off. The third and final tip is 3) make sure to store your equipment in a safe and dry place. Rummaging through your boxes in the basement, it's easy to throw things aside and not realize what's in there. That's how optics get damaged, or tents get cracked, or rods get broken, so on and so forth.


In short, it's easy to maintain your gear, just takes a little time and love doing 3 easy things 1)Clean 2) Dry 3) Store. We do this for all of our equipment and all packages to ensure the upmost success of our customers.

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