Pheasant Hunting at Dudzinski Farm

The team from Big Sky is headed back out to Dudzinski Farm for the first annual pheasant hunt.  We are bringing a crew of Big Sky Rental early adopters to help HERD THE BIRDS!  The crew will be outfitted with Big Sky Rental’s Upland Hunt Bundle.  This bundle will include the following:

  • Toughshell Waterproof Upland Jacket: Jacket
  • Waxed Cotton Strap Vest: Vest
  • Orvis Edition Pro Earmuffs Silver 22: Earmuffs
  • Ducks Unlimited Shooting Glasses: Glasses
  • Gamehide Upland Heavy Chap: Chaps
  • Danner's Pronghorn Boot: Boots
  • Cold Weather Hunting Gloves: Gloves

Dudzinski Farm will be opening up its hunting grounds to a select few next year and weekends are filling up.  Be sure to check out our other partners on our Affiliates page.  And if you are looking for equipment for rent, check us out at

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