Top Spots for Fly Fishing in Kansas

The founders from Big Sky have a soft spot for the midwestern fly-over states, given Kansas is where they call home. Although not known as a premier destination for fly fishing, there are some great places in Kansas to get outside, relax and see what bites your line. In preparation for another fly fishing season, we have curated a list of our favorite fly fishing spots in Kansas to give our readers ideas for where to cast their lines this spring. 

Top three fly fishing spots in Kansas:

  1. Kanopolis ReservoirRainbow trout are stocked yearly in the seep stream below the dam. The trout season runs from 1 Nov- 15 April and a special trout permit is required to possess trout during this time. Trout are stocked only in the seep stream by KDWPT. Roughly three hours west of Kansas City, this lake is situated in the center of the state and offers some fantastic, uninterrupted sunsets. There are also campgrounds, trails and a boat ramp available to turn your fishing trip into a weekend adventure. 
  2. Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge: Fly fishing is open in the Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge just southeast of Emporia. Fisherman are asked to observe regulations to protect habitats and wildlife while fishing. The refuge has several streams that branch off the Neosho River which means there are plenty of places to fish. John Redmond Reservoir is just a stones throw away and offers campsites and a recreation area. 
  3. Tuttle Creek Reservoir: Trout season is here at Tuttle Creek! The third stocking was completed on December 15th when 900 pounds of fish were released into the lake. So far the lake has received 3,100 rainbow trout this fall. Fishing has been spotty so far but some anglers doing well on commercial trout dough baits. Located just a few miles north of Manhattan, this is a great place to head if you are looking to spend your day fishing without getting too far out in the country. Manhattan offers some great restaurants, cafes and breweries to grab a great meal after a long day of fishing. 

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