Camping Hacks: Complete Car Camping Checklist (Downloadable PDF)

Camping season has arrived! Winter has come to a close and the good weather upon us is Mother Nature's open invitation to plan a camping trip. Without a doubt, one of the most challenging aspects of planning a camping trip is packing. If this is your first time camping (or if it's been a hot minute since you've last been camping) putting together a complete list of everything you need to bring can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, Big Sky has put together a complete list of all the camping gear you need to bring for an enjoyable and comfortable car camping trip! 

Car camping is great because it enables you to bring anything that can fit in your car. This allows you the freedom to bring some extra gear to make your camping weekend more comfortable and enjoyable. Before reading over the list, be sure to keep the following in mind. 

  • Check the weather! This will enable you to pack the proper gear and clothing. 
  • You know yourself best, so make sure to bring your favorite "must haves" on your trip. This could be your favorite snack, an extra comfy memory foam pillow or your favorite book. The little things make a big difference! 
  • Check local rules and regulations before packing. Are pets allowed? What wildlife should I be aware of? Do I need a permit? This could influence what you need to pack on your trip. 
  • A lot of the things on this list you most likely have lying around your house, such as kitchen essentials. We suggest using a large plastic bin as a "camp box." This means all of your things will be in one place and you will stay more organized at the campsite. 

Don't have all the gear you need? Big Sky has you covered! Our camping bundles for one or two people are great for those who are new to camping. They include all of the basic and most important gear to get you through a weekend camping trip: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, headlamp, camp chair, cooking stove and utensils. 


Here's the complete car camping packing list for you to download! Simply print it off and happy packing! 


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