Camping Checklist- Why worry about it?

Camping is a an amazing way to experience the great outdoors, with friends, family or even by yourself. There are campgrounds across the nation, making it easy to escape every day life, but its something you can enjoy even in your backyard if you're not looking to go too far from home.

Most campsites have sparse accommodations, but include things like a picnic table, restroom, and parking spot. Other than that, the responsibility of equipment and gear is on the camper. 

Part of the joy of camping is the escape of the typical humbug of life, and enjoying the outdoors as a minimalist, with as few distractions as possible. But in order to really get away and be comfortable, a camper is going to need quality gear. If you're a person who camps sparingly, it might be in your interest to rent gear, so you don't have the hassle of storing gear, buying for a limited use, or figuring out what it is you need. 

Rather than worry about what to schlepp or pack, take a look at our camping package for all the basics you'd need for a weekend camping getaway!  Here's everything you need to go on a camping trip in our Camping Package

 Additional Optional Gear to Bring

  • Multi-Purpose tool (like a leathermen)
  • Hatchet
  • Firestarter/ Lighter
  • Mugs/Cups
  • Water Bottle

 P.S. We'll soon offer extreme weather camping packages and backpacking packages too!

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