2021 World Deer Expo - Birmingham, Alabama

There’s something magical about browsing around your local hunt shop. We love seeing what new gear is out there, swapping stories with fellow hunters and drawing inspiration for our next big hunt. Wouldn’t it be great to gather all of the top hunting brands, outfitters, and guides from around the country under one roof? This year Big Sky Rentals was fortunate enough to exhibit at the 37th annual World Deer Expo in Birmingham, Alabama

The World Deer Expo is the country’s largest 3-day hunting consumer show - hundreds of exhibitors from around the world come to Birmingham, Alabama each year to feature their newest products, share their knowledge and promote sportsmanship to outdoor enthusiasts. For three days, attendees have the opportunity to visit hundreds of booths from guides, lodges and outfitters specializing in many different types of hunting. This was Big Sky’s first time exhibiting at the conference, and we were blown away by how amazing this event was! 

The conference truly embodies the hunting culture and lifestyle. We were able to test out new and innovative hunting gear, swap stories from professional hunting guides from around the world, see some record setting trophy mounts and meet some celebrities - Eddie Slater, Dexter Roberts and Manny Puig. We were able to fish in an artificial trout pond, participate in giveaways and see Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel. Yes, you heard us right, a real squirrel that can water ski. 

Being surrounded by so many outdoor enthusiasts was an energizing experience - we were able to swap ideas and stories with some of the biggest names in the hunting industry, source some innovative gear and connect with some of the most talented hunting guides out there. Zack Randall, an expert hunting guide and Big Sky’s VP of Sales was manning booth 913 to represent Big Sky. One of our long-time affiliates, David McElwain, was also there to spread the word about Big Sky’s unique business model: renting top quality hunting gear shipped right to your front door. We wrapped up the experience energized and eager to get out on our next hunt! 

Did you attend the World Deer Expo this year? What did you think? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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