Mallard Super Lucky HD with Magnetic Wings

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Those ducks won't be able to pass up your spread when it's equipped with our Super Lucky HD with Magnetic Wings. Our popular HD body style is now integrated into the time proven Super Lucky design with heavy duty motor. Extra-large, injection-molded magnetic wings sport lifelike paint schemes to add even greater realism to the flashing motion. Combined with a true-to-life body paint scheme, this decoy is sure to fool even the wariest of fliers. Tough EVA body resists cracking, so you can bring in birds for seasons to come. Equipped with an external charging port, quick-attach bungee that makes setup easy, 3 piece 42" stake, 6-volt battery, and smart charger. HD Remote Kit ready - sold separately.

  • Extra large injection molded magnetic wings for long range visibility
  • Life-like wing print
  • Heavy duty motor
  • HD remote kit ready (not included)
  • Includes:
    • 6 volt battery and smart charger
    • 3 piece 42" stake
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Mallard Super Lucky HD with Magnetic Wings
Mallard Super Lucky HD with Magnetic Wings
Mallard Super Lucky HD with Magnetic Wings
Mallard Super Lucky HD with Magnetic Wings