Wade Net

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The EGO WADE-Medium Clear Rubber fishing net features a lightweight and durable hexagonal extruded aluminum handle, innovative grip design and an 11" elastic adjustable/removable tether. Include the fact that this net floats and you have the ultimate landing net designed for the demands of wade and kayak fisherman!

  • Capacity 30lbs
  • Floats
  • Innovative grip design
  • 11" Elastic adjustable & removable tether
  • Aluminum clip
  • Unique hoop scoop design
  • Handle Length: 11"
  • Mesh Bag: Lightweight non-tangle clear rubber mesh
  • Bag Depth: 15" Flat bottom (Stretches up to 1.5X with load)
  • Hoop Size: Medium 17" x 19"
  • Product Weight: 2.3 lbs
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Wade Net