Why Rent vs. Buy?

Purchasing a piece of equipment requires commitment. Financial commitment to own the gear, a commitment to store the gear in your home, a commitment to haul the gear to your destination, AND with purchasing equipment, you have to do the research of finding the exact pieces you need.

The beauty of renting Hunting, Fly Fishing, and Camping equipment with Big Sky, is that you alleviate all of these pains. You pay a fraction of the retail price, to use top of the line gear. You don't have to store it in your basement, so that every time you walk by your equipment you think "why did I buy that to only use it one time?". You don't have to pack and travel with the gear, because we will drop-ship deliver it to your end destination. And most of all, we take the worry of "what do I need for this type of adventure?" out of the equation, by providing pre-assembled all-in-one packages for someone to use that provides everything they'd need to go an outdoor adventure. Whether it's camping, hunting or fly fishing, our packages have everything you'd need to enjoy the outdoors, hassle free.

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