Turkey Hunting in Southeast Nebraska

Turkey Hunting in Southeast Nebraska

Spring turkey hunting in Nebraska is a great season for both the experienced and novice hunter.  Experienced hunters may choose to use their bow and well-placed ground blind to call turkey in from miles away.  Novice hunters who may not have the patience can use the “Run and Gun” technique, stalking their prized turkey along tree lines and feed plots. 

Whether you’re stalking your Tom or waiting for him to come in to roost, you’ll need the right gear.  Turkey are unique in that they have excellent eyesight and unlike deer and other birds, they can see in full color.  Your camouflage shirt and pants might be the difference between calling that Tom into range and not.

I am planning a turkey hunt for a few of my good friends.  Below is our itinerary:

Where We Are Staying:  Dudzinski Farm

The Dudzinski Farm has been in my family for over 20 years.  I grew up hunting and fishing at the Farm.  The turkey population has exploded down there given the diverse terrain and plentiful feed plots.

How to Get There: “Roads? Where we are going, we don’t need roads” – Dr. Emmett Brown, Back to the Future

Click the link here: 612 Ave & 720 Rd Maple Grove, NE 68441.  If you feel lost, you’re almost there. 

Some (Kind of) Helpful Videos:

A Day in the Life of Spring Turkey Hunting: Day in the Life

Information on Turkey Seasons: Late Season Turkey Hunting

What Kind of Turkey Decoys to use Late Season: Turkey Decoys to Use Late Season


What to bring, the necessities:

Sitka’s Ascent Shirt: Shirt

Sitka’s Ascent Pants: Pants

Sitka’s Ascent Hat: Hat

Danner's Pronghorn Boot: Boot

Primos’ Double Bull Ground Blind 360: Blind


Big Sky Rental’s Turkey Package: Link Here to the package

We are excited to get outdoors again, we hope everyone else is too.  Please reach out to us to get geared up for your next turkey hunt.


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