Top 3 Items I should've rented

Top 3 Items I should have Rented!


On my first western hunt, I had all these big ideas of the gear I just had to have. The result of that was spending thousands of dollars on items I either didn't use on the hunt or haven't used since. Here are my Top 3 Items I Pertnear should have rented from Big Sky Rent. Don't be a fool, learn from my mistakes ;)


  1. Optics- I was convinced I had to have a spotting scope and a pair of bino’s. In all reality in my two western hunts, I have managed to carry around a 5lb spotter that I used very little. In hindsight, I would recommend a high end pair of bino’s that could be mounted to a tripod and used to glass for long periods of time. Do yourself a favor, save some money and rent a set of high end binoculars like the SWAROVSKI EL RANGE RANGEFINDING BINOCULARS for $82.50 per day. Your eyes and pocket will thank you!
  2. Camping Gear- I feel like I did okay purchasing my camping gear but to see the stuff sitting in my basement the other 355 days a year makes me feel guilty. The thing with backpack camping gear is that it really isn't practical for your normal camping back home where you might pull your truck up to the camping spot and set up shop. So instead of dropping $1K+ on a decent camping package, rent one instead like the Big Sky Rent Camping Package for only $19.50 per day or roughly $200 for a 10 day hunt! You will find yourself much happier knowing that you can spend that money in other places as you prepare for your trip.
  3. Clothing- If you are like me, I found that my whitetail gear for your basic treestand hunting didn't translate well to the western backpacking style of hunting. Meaning what I had was big, bulky, heavy and did not handle moisture well. Clothing can seriously make or break your trip. There is nothing worse than having to come off the mountain because you got wet, or the wind was just cutting right through you sitting on a glassing point. For these reasons you are going to need a different clothing system when you head out into the mountains. If this is your first trip and you aren't quite sure what you need, try renting your gear. Work with the guys at Big Sky Rent to put together a clothing system that makes the most sense for your exact hunt, and you just worry about putting that meat in the freezer. When all said and done, if you want to purchase the gear you just used because you loved it so much, BSR will work with you to get that deal done!


The team at Big Sky will help take the financial burden of running premium gear off your back so you can focus on having the trip of a lifetime!


written by Billy Harvey of Pertnear Outdoors

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