My Intro to the Outdoors

written by Bob Dudzinski
Being from Nebraska, the outdoors has always been a part of my life.  Growing up, we would spend countless hours at my family's farm.  Depending upon the season, my brothers and I could be found hunting for pheasant, quail, turkey, or deer; or pond fishing for bass or bluegill.  Some of my earliest memories as a kid were walking the fields around our farm house with my dad and our hunting dog trying to spook up a pheasant or two.  The fall has always been a fun time for my family.  Deer hunting brings my family together - gathering around a campfire has become just as important as getting into the stand.  The spring and summer were dedicated to turkey hunting and fishing in the pond just down the hill from our farm house.  Hunting and fishing trips have become an excuse for my extended family to share time together while enjoying the outdoors.
My time spent outdoors changed as I went off to college at the University of Nebraska and eventually moved for a job in Atlanta and then in Chicago.  I traded grass fields for concrete jungles.  After several years away from home, my wife and I made our way back to the Midwest, settling down in Kansas City.  As one could imagine, my brothers and I have spent a small fortune on all of the hunting and fishing gear over the years.  And now that all three of us have wives and kids, time for hunting and fishing has become limited.  We still have time for maybe five to six hunting or fishing trips a year, which means that gear sits in our respective basements - often times not being used for months at a time.  
Recently, when a colleague of mine invited me on a fishing and camping trip, I couldn't have been more excited.  After reviewing the gear that I had already compiled over the years, I realized I would need to purchase even more equipment!  The problem was this fishing gear was going to be expensive and would probably spend more time in storage than in use. As a result, I eventually decided not to go.  However, being that necessity is the mother of invention, my partner and I created a company called Big Sky Rental to solve these problems.  Big Sky will rent you your fishing, hunting and camping gear for a fraction of the retail price eliminating the storage and financial burden of owning your equipment.  Enjoying the outdoors will always be a part of my life, and hopefully it just got a whole lot easier to experience.  

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