Fly Fishing- Preparing for Season

It's that time of year again, where most of us are dreaming of either getting out on the water for a first time, or getting back on the water to catch a lot of VERY hard to find, VERY big fish. While we spend our days getting back to the grind of work after the new year, you can be thinking of when you're going to get back out there and what kind of gear you'll have when doing it.

To keep yourself occupied while slogging away at your cubicle, you can be planning your next great trip out west to fly fish. Things to consider for your next trip as you drool at your keyboard are 

1) Check the weather of where you're going to make sure it's optimal

2) Be sure to take a look at water flows, with winter snow pack, it can make for less than desirable fishing elements, so take a look ahead of time via apps such as to see the river's past week's flow rate.

3) Flies- research ahead of time where the local fly shops are to swing by ahead of time and pick up the local's recommend favorite flies

4) Make sure you've got the right gear for where you're going, there's a big difference between fishing brown trouts in Colorado vs. fly fishing for Northern Pike in Labrador. Take a look at our fly fishing package to make sure you've got the right gear you need.

5) Get ready to have the time of your life! For those of you who haven't been on the water, expect an active yet peaceful day on the water, while catching your first fish. For the seasoned anglers out there, look forward to catching the biggest damn fish of your life!

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