Preparing for Deer Camp

Preparing for Deer Camp

Deer hunting is all about preparation and as the saying goes, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.  Diligent preparation is important for any hunting excursion, but is particularly important in Deer Hunting.  Deer's sense of smell can be anywhere from 500 to 1,000 times more acute than a human's.(1)  For that reason, preparing your clothing and yourself to not be smelled, heard, or seen is critically important.  Several tips to keep from being sniffed out are as follows:

  • Use odor free body wash and shampoo
  • Use odor free detergent for your clothing
  • Treat your clothes ahead of time
  • Only hunt in the right conditions

Making sure the deer doesn’t smell you is critically important for a successful hunt.  Not being heard is the second piece of the puzzle.  Tips for not being heard are below:

  • Wrap your tools and metal components of your gear with electrical tape
  • Pace yourself through the woods – speed is not the objective
  • Maintain the path to your stand – well before the season, plot out the most direct path to your stand and cut back any brush that would keep you from getting into the stand quietly

Lastly, and sometimes most importantly, you need to prepare to not be seen.  This is where your partners a Big Sky Rental can help.  We offer a Whitetail Deer Hunting Bundle that will help not only keep you warm, but also keep you from being spotted.  In the Whitetail Deer Hunting Bundle, Big Sky Rental offers:

Big Sky Rent can’t wait for you to get out there and enjoy the outdoors at an affordable rate.  Purchasing all the gear above would take two to three thousand dollars.  With Big Sky, you are talking about renting it for a long weekend for a few hundred dollars.  Getting out there just got easier.  Check us out at

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  • Dadoo

    Good advice. I like the idea of no scent, quiet entry and optimal camouflage. Not a big fan of buck lures unless trying to use it as a cover scent. Not saying it doesn’t work, just like no scent and wind sense as a better idea

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