Camping Hacks: Learn to Camp for Free!

With warm weather right around the corner, you’re probably setting your sights on spending some quality time outside, and camping is the perfect way to experience the great outdoors. If you have never been camping before, or if it’s been many years since, it’s smart to do some research and planning to ensure you have a successful trip. Many people don’t realize that there is a lot of skill, knowledge and preparation that goes into a camping trip, however with the proper resources anyone can plan a memorable camping trip. 

Let me introduce you to Bright Trip - the ultimate resource for travel planning. Bright Trip offers video-based courses online for people who are looking to learn tips, tricks and advice for planning their own travels. The courses are entertaining, super informative and very inexpensive - think of them as a video based travel guide. Their Camping 101 course is the perfect resource for people who have never camped before and for people who may need a refresher. The best part about this course: it’s FREE!

Instructor Jordan Sparrow shares his expert outdoor knowledge that he gained from more than a decade of camping experience as an Eagle Scout and avid outdoor enthusiast. Here’s what he will teach you in the Camping 101 course: 

Different types of camping. You’ll learn about the differences between car camping, dispersed camping and backpacking, exploring the pros and cons of each type and what to expect from each experience. 

How to find a campsite. Not sure where to go to find your perfect campsite? This course shows you how to find your perfect campground and gives you important information on reserving sites and finding your own backcountry site. 

What gear you need. Packing is usually a challenge when planning a camping trip, however you have free access to camping checklists and advice on what supplies and accessories you need to be comfortable. You also have the option to rent camping gear directly through their site - Big Sky Rentals and Bright Trip have combined forces to make renting camping gear quick and easy.

Cooking and how to set up camp. The lesson on cooking is great for people who love (and hate) cooking. Jordan teaches you the basics of what food to bring, how to prepare it and what equipment you need. He also shares tips to make cooking as easy as possible while camping. You’ll see video demonstrations on how to set up your campsite, pitch a tent and build a fire.

Camping etiquette and safety. Do you know the “unwritten” rules of camping? Worried about animals and staying safe while outdoors? The final two lessons in the course cover all the basics for staying safe and camping responsibly. Jordan also discusses the importance of leaving no trace and minimizing your environmental impact while camping. 

The topics addressed in this course provide you all the info necessary to plan your own trip. There are 13 videos total, and taking the course is easy, informative and entertaining. Even if you are an experienced camper, hearing an outside perspective about camping will allow you to up your game and perhaps try something new. This camping hack will allow you to confidently plan your trip and prepare for an unforgettable adventure! 

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